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Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

This course provides the underlying knowledge required by all individuals who will be evaluating Microsoft Azure, regardless of whether they are an administrator, developer, or database administrator. This course also provides the pre-requisite knowledge for students wishing to attend course 20532C Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions, or course 20533C Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions. During this course, students will be introduced to the principles of cloud computing and will become familiar how these principles have been implemented in Microsoft Azure. In addition, this course will take students through the process of implementing the core Azure infrastructure, consisting of virtual networks and storage. With this foundation, students will learn how to create the most common Azure services, including Azure virtual machines (VMs), Web Apps, and SQL Databases. The course will conclude by describing features of Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) and methods of integrating it with on-premises Active Directory.

Kursusnr.: MCP10979      Kursers varighed: 2.0 dage.      Pris: 8400,- kr.

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Integrating On-Premises Core Infrastructure with Microsoft Azure

This 3-day instructor-led course covers a range of components, including Azure Compute, Azure Storage, and network services that customers can benefit from when deploying hybrid solutions. In this context, the term hybrid means integrating infrastructure technologies that customers host in on-premises datacenters with Azure IaaS and PaaS services. This course offers an overview of these services, providing the knowledge necessary to design hybrid solutions properly. It also includes a number of demonstrations and labs that enable students to develop hands-on skills that are necessary when implementing such solutions.

Kursusnr.: MCP10992      Kursers varighed: 3.0 dage.      Pris: 9600,- kr.

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Integrating On-Premises Identity Infrastructure with Microsoft Azure

This course teaches IT professionals how to integrate their on-premises AD DS environment with Azure AD and how to use Azure AD as a directory service. It also teaches candidates how to use Azure RMS to protect sensitive documents. Additionally, it focusses on how to enhance authentication with multi-factor authentication and how to monitor directory synchronization health.

Kursusnr.: MCP10993      Kursers varighed: 2.0 dage.      Pris: 6400,- kr.

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Developing Windows Azure and Web Services

In this course, students will learn how to design and develop services that access local and remote data from various data sources. Students will also learn how to develop and deploy services to hybrid environments, including on-premises servers and Windows Azure. This course helps people prepare for exam 70-487.

Dette kursus er forberedende til: 70-487

Kursusnr.: MCP20487      Kursers varighed: 5.0 dage.      Pris: 16900,- kr.

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Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions

This course is intended for students who have experience building vertically scaled applications. Students will also have experience with the Microsoft Azure platform and a basic understanding of the services offered. This course offers students the opportunity to take an existing ASP.NET MVC application and expand its functionality as part of moving it to Azure. This course focuses on the considerations necessary when building a highly available solution in the cloud. This course also prepares the students for the 70-532: Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions certification exam.

Dette kursus er forberedende til: 70-532

Kursusnr.: MCP20532      Kursers varighed: 5.0 dage.      Pris: 16900,- kr.

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Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions

This course is intended for IT professionals who are familiar with managing on-premises IT deployments that include AD DS, virtualization technologies, and applications. The students typically work for organizations that are planning to locate some or all of their infrastructure services on Azure. This course also is intended for IT professionals who want to take the Microsoft Certification exam, 70-533, Implementing Azure Infrastructure Solutions.

Dette kursus er forberedende til: 70-533

Kursusnr.: MCP20533      Kursers varighed: 5.0 dage.      Pris: 16900,- kr.

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Linux System Administration

This four-day instructor-led course is designed to provide students with the necessary skills and abilities to work as a professional Linux system administrator. The course covers how to administer, configure and upgrade Linux systems running one of the three major Linux distribution families: Red Hat, SUSE, Debian/Ubuntu, how to master the tools and concepts you’ll need to efficiently build and manage an enterprise Linux infrastructure. It also covers how to use state-of-the-art system administration techniques in real-life scenarios via practical labs. This course prepares the user for the Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator (LFCS) exam, which is also a required component of the MCSA: Linux on Azure Certification.

Kursusnr.: MCP55187      Kursers varighed: 4.0 dage.      Pris: 16500,- kr.

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